Stephen Ministry

Christian care

KMC’s Stephen Ministry equips lay people in providing one to one Christian care to people in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Stephen Ministers provide emotional and spiritual care when there is a loss of a loved one, a hospitalization, a divorce or separation, loneliness, a spiritual crisis, unemployment, a terminal illness, incarceration, a chronic illness, relocation, recovery after an accident or disaster, a new birth, adoption, miscarriage or infertility and many other life challenges. Stephen Ministry is a confidential ministry. The identity of those receiving care and everything they discuss with a Stephen Minister remains private.

Stephen Minister

Our Stephen Ministers are lay people who went through 50 hours of training on providing high quality, distinctively Christian care. They are carefully selected to serve as Stephen Ministers because of their caregiving gifts.

They walk beside someone who is hurting. They listen, care, pray, support and encourage their care receivers.

They typically meet each week for one hour with his or her care receiver for as long as there is a need. In addition, they meet monthly with other Stephen Ministers for supervision, a time set aside to support and encourage each other. They also have 45 minutes of continuing education each month.


Stephen Leaders are trained leaders in our congregation who support and direct our Stephen Ministry. 

  • If you could benefit from a Stephen Minister…
  • If you know a friend, neighbor, coworker or relative that is hurting that could benefit from having a Stephen Minister…
  • If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister…
  • If you have any other questions about Stephen Ministry…

…contact one of the following Stephen Leaders below.*


Gladys Geiser - (330) 201-1510
Mike Gerber - (330) 466-4309
Hannah Gehman - (330) 857-7677
Mike Gehman - (330) 749-6746
Carl Wiebe - (330) 763-1501
Mary Wiebe - (330) 763-3644

*Before referring an individual to a Stephen Leader, please check with the person experiencing a difficult life circumstance to see if they are open to having a Stephen Minister. Once you have their permission, contact one of the Stephen Leaders.